American University in Beirut Launches Sawwaf Comics Initiative; Egyptian Comix Week Starts Tomorrow


Comics — and graphic novels — continue to blossom in Arabic-writing hotspots, including Algiers, Beirut, and Cairo:

sawwaf-comics-in1Starting tomorrow, the first edition of Between Cadres (BECA) — Egypt Comix Week — will take place in Alexandria and Cairo. It is, according to Ahram Online, “the first large scale event in Egypt dedicated to comics.”

The week of exhibitions, workshops, discussion groups, and lectures has been organized by the Alliance Française, the Goethe Institute and Sefsafa publishers. Artists from Egypt, Germany, and France will participate. They include German comic artists Isabel Kreitz and Barbara Yelin, French artists Marc-Antoine Mathieu and Jean-Marc Troubet, and Egyptians Michel Maalouf and Fawaz.

Cartooning has a long and rich history across the region — hence the Sawwaf Arabic Comics Initiative at the American University of Beirut (AUB). Mu’taz Sawwaf, whose family is supporting the initiative, said in a prepared statement that comics and cartoons have always influenced society and public opinion and continue to…

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