Man lands in Jail After Calling, Texting Ex-Girlfriend 21,807 Times

Is romance a criminal act or what? Although I must admit that this case is a rather strange one. I guess we can’t afford the take any chances when we feel threatened. This is what really happened:

A French man is reportedly now behind bars after calling and texting his ex-girlfriend 21,807 times.


According to the Agence France-Presse, the 33-year-old man, who has not been named, was slapped with a 10-month prison sentence (six of which were suspended) and a $1,300 fine this week after hounding his ex with the deluge of texts and calls over a 10-month period following their breakup in 2011.

The man reportedly said that he had been trying to get in touch with his ex-girlfriend because he was looking for compensation or acknowledgement for work he had done on their apartment.

“At the time, my logic was that until she returned the money … or at least said thank you, I would not stop the calls,” he told the court in Lyon Thursday, per France 24.

He is said to have called his ex, on average, 73 times a day.

“She tried to block her line, but he phoned her parents instead and at her workplace,” said Manuella Spee, the plaintiff’s lawyer, per Radio France Internationale, adding that the woman “suffered a lot.”

France 24 reports that the court also ordered the man to undergo psychiatric treatment and to stop all contact with his ex.
“I tell myself, with hindsight, that it was stupid,” the man, who has reportedly been hospitalized in the past for depression, is said to have told the court this week.

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