Man Dives Into An Active Volcano With A GoPro, And Says It’s A ‘Window Into Hell’

What was he thinking right? Well, here is what really went down.

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George Kourounis stood at the edge of a red-hot lava lake, fiery molten rock gurgling just feet away as caustic acid rain splashed his protective suit.

It was a “window into hell,” he said. “Dramatic and violent.”

Kourounis is an explorer and documentarian, and last month, he and Sam Cossman, an explorer and filmmaker, dived deep into the Marum crater, located in an active volcano in the archipelago of Vanuatu in the South Pacific — and the fearless duo brought cameras in with them to capture their momentous adventure.

(Watch the astounding footage, posted online this week by Cossman and taken with a GoPro, as well as with a Canon 5D Mark III camera and a Sony NXCam, in the video above.)

“Going down into the crater of Marum has been a dream of mine for many years,” Kourounis told The Huffington Post via email. “It was exhilarating, to say the least.”

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